About Your Best London

Your Best London is an online reference for London, capital of the United Kingdom.  Our mission is to bring you the very best things about London with quality content, images, photographs, HD videos, interactive applications, games and maps.  Some of the key topics covered  by Your Best London include the top London sights such as the Big Ben, British Museum, Trafalgar Square, London Eye, and Tower of London;  the various districts in central London including Soho, Covent Garden, Westminster, South Bank and Marylebone; the various London Boroughs and finally the top shows, theatres, hotels and any other subject that might be of interest.  Our aim is to provide our users with the best information possible about known and lesser known London sights, top sightseeing routes, best museums and galleries, excellent value for money accommodations, entertainment, food and drinks. We provide articles about this bustling city on a weekly basis, with information valuable for both Londoners and tourists alike.
If you are looking to learn more about London, click here for our About London page.

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About Your Best London

Your Best London, is one of the best online resource for London offering a wide variety of free content including articles, images, maps, videos and applications.  It is part of the Siems Network and was built by Siems Production which specialize in providing high standards e-learning, maps and video services.  Your Best London main contributor is Mat Siems, a project manager, writer, developer and web entrepreneur.  They are many other contributors including our guest photographer Adam S.

Your Best London is divided into 10 key sections.  If you are looking for more details about our sections and content you may view the Your Best London sitemap with the full list of pages or view the Your Best London archives page for the full list of our blog posts.

  1. Top London sights
  2. Central London Areas
  3. London Boroughs
  4. London Maps
  5. London top Hotels
  6. London Best Shows
  7. London HD Videos
  8. London Photographs
  9. About Your Best London
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Top London sights

The Top London section covers the most famous sights in London including the Big Ben, the British Museum, Trafalgar Square, London Eye, St Paul, Tate Modern, Westminster Abbey, Kensington Museums and Tower of London.  It offers quality content on London’s most important attractions with professional photographs, videos and in interactive maps to complement.

Central London Areas

The Central London section contains the most important districts in central London such as Soho, Covent Garden, Westminster, St-James, South Bank, City, Holborn, Marylebone, Bloomsbury and Kensington.

London Boroughs

The London boroughs section covers the various London Boroughs including the City of London, the City of Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, South Bank, Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Islington, Camden and Haringey.

London Maps

The Maps section contains various static and interactive maps of London, central London and boroughs as well as UK and underground maps.  Those maps are build both using the Siems Map architecture as well as the Google Map API.

London Hotels

The hotels sections covers the various accommodations in the capital for all various budget.  From the luxury hotels such as the Ritz to more backpackers affordable hostel.  It also have an interactive Central London map of all the most known hotels with links to the best possible deals.

London Shows

The Shows section contains information about the various shows and theatres in both the West End as well as outside central London.  The various theatres are also represented in out interactive Theatre map.

London Videos

The videos sections brings some HD films about the key attractions and areas in London.  Those include many videos in Central London as well as other parts of the capital such as North, South, East and West London as well as specific places such as Chelsea, Battersea and Royal London.

London Photographs

The Picture section brings to life the best photographs of various key sights and areas in both central and the larger London

About London

Finally the About London section offers a more practical side of London offering many useful content such as a about the history, geography, weather and Transport, as well as some data about Londoners and tourism.

About Siems

Siems (also referred to as Siems Production) are the technical architect and business guys behind Your Best London.  They specialized in e-learning, video and map production.

About the Siems Network

The Siems network is composed of various niche sites bringing quality information to its community.  It has recently became a reference name in the e-learning industry, bringing an easier way to learn by providing documentary videos, interactive maps, games and other rich internet applications. It was founded in 2010 by Mat Siems, a web entrepreneur and project manager.

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World’s Best Places  is the number one online travel resource for the world’s top destinations, best cities, favourite countries, paradise beaches, islands and much more global destinations you should visit.  It includes stories, static and interactive maps, videos, games, charts, animations and pictures.

Your Best 100 is the Web reference for the world’s best 100 lists including top songs, movies, books, companies,  games , with interactive animations, videos and pictures.

Funky Success is the online reference for lifestyle design, NLP, mind maps and happiness. It mission is to define true success in the 21st century. Funky Success consists of four processes: think, visualize, plan and action.

Mat Siems is a web entrepreneur and project manager, author of Funky success, a reference site about lifestyle design and happiness, and World’s Best Places, the online reference for the top places to visit.  He had the chance to collaborate on numerous online and e-learning projects including with the BBC, CBBC, Cbeebies, AOL, Double Click and the Science Museum of London.  To learn more about Funky Mat visit MatSiems.com.

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