Covent Garden Map

Following our previous articles on the best sights and hotels in Covent Garden comes the interactive map.  This Your Best London flash map covers the top sights, hotels, shops, restaurants, theatres, restaurants, pubs, cafes and clubs of the central London neighbourhood of Covent Garden. Moreover we bring you some of the best places to shop including the Covent Garden Market, famous boutiques and some of the key pedestrian shopping streets such as Shorts Gardens, Floral and  Neal Street.  We also cover Covent Garden’s top Restaurants and pubs such as the Rule and the Lamb & Flag, two of London’s oldest institutions.  Finally a theatre section, as Covent Garden’s is mostly known for its world class shows and theatres.

Covent Garden Map

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Covent Garden static Maps

Below are some Covent Garden static Maps including with one with the key attractions, one with the main roads and a blank one.

Covent Garden Top Shops

Covent Garden has plenty of  pedestrian squares and streets ideal for boutique shopping. It has many of the top designers shops in Central London.

The best shopping areas, streets and gardens include:

  1. Africa Centre
  2. Covent Garden Market
  3. Floral Street
  4. Neal Street
  5. Shorts Gardens
  6. Thomas Neal Centre

Africa Centre

The Africa Centre is a business and development organisation located next the Covent Garden central Piazza on King Street.

Floral Street

Floral Street is a lovely pedestrian shopping area north of the Covent Garden central Piazza.  It is home to the women only spa The Sanctuary and to fashion shops such as Paul Smith and Ted Baker.

Neal Street

Neal Street is a famous pedestrian street offering plenty of designer boutiques in the heart of Covent Garden.

Shorts Gardens

Shorts Gardens is a small shopping street going from Seven Dials in the east to Drury Lane in the west.

Covent Garden Market

The central Market is the biggest shopping location in Covent Garden offering a wide variety of British hand-made arts and crafts and unique antiques in the Apple Market, as well as a huge variety of stalls on offer in the Jubilee Market.

Thomas Neal Centre

The Thomas Neal Centre is an upmarket designer shopping mall located on Earlham Street next to the famous Seven Dials.

Top shops in Covent Garden

The best shops in Covent Garden include

  1. Benjamin Pollock Toy Shop
  2. Coco De Mer
  3. Ellis Birgham
  4. Forbidden Planet
  5. Neal’s Yard Dairy
  6. Neal’s Yard Remedies
  7. Octopus
  8. Paul Smith
  9. Penhaligon’s
  10. Poste Mistress
  11. Sanctuary
  12. Scribbler
  13. Stanfords
  14. Tea House
  15. Ted Baker
  16. Vintage and Rare Guitars

Benjamin Pollock Toy Shop

The Benjamin Pollock Toy Shop is one of London’s most know independent toyshop.  It was established by Benjamin Pollock in the 1880s who started producing theatres toys.  Situated in the heart of the Covent Garden Market, it is an ideal place to visit for both children and collectors.

Coco De Mer

Coco De Mer situated on Monmouth Street north of the Seven Dials is a lingerie boutique offering  an incredible range of sexy products.

Ellis Birgham

Ellis Brigham situated on Southampton street is one of UK’s top retailer for ski, clothing and outdoor equipment. The shop is also known for having an ice climbing wall.

Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet situated on Shaftesbury avenue in the northern part of Covent Garden offers a wide range of graphic novels, collectable toys, statues and replicas.

Neal’s Yard Dairy

Neal’s Yard Dairy situated on the charming Shorts Gardens street is a well known Cheese retailer stocking a variety of British cheese products.

Neal’s Yard Remedies

Neal’s Yard Remedies is an organic shop offering numerous products for skin care and anti ageing for both men and women.


The Octopus located on Neal Street is a famous Gift and card Shop.

Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a famous Menswear Shop situated on Floral Street in the heart of Covent Garden.


Penhaligon’s situated on Wellington street is a classic English scents shop offering a variety of quality products including perfume extracts, cologne, soaps, skincare, gift items and grooming sets.

Poste Mistress

Poste Mistress located on Monmouth Street is a designer boutique offering a wide variety of shoes and boots.


Scribbler is a well known gift store on Wardour street offering a great selection of cards for all occasions.


Stanfords situated on Long Acre is the flagship maps and travel bookshop in London.


The Sanctuary situated on Floral Street in the heart of Covent Garden is a ladies’ only spa offering luxury beauty treatments and massages.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker located on Langley street is a men and women clothing shop offering a wide range of design products.

The Tea House

The Tea House on the famous Neal Street in the heart of Covent Garden has everything associated with tea and tea drinking.

Vintage and Rare Guitars

Vintage and Rare Guitars (6 Denmark St) is a shop offering fine Guitars to well known musician for over 25 years.

Covent Garden Top Restaurants

  1. Abeno Too
  2. Atelier de Joel Robuchon
  3. Carluccio’s
  4. Chez Gerard
  5. Incognico
  6. Ivy
  7. J Sheeky
  8. Mon Plaisir
  9. Neal’s Yard Salad Bar
  10. Rock and Sole Plaice
  11. Rules
  12. Orso
  13. World Food Cafe, Neal’s Yard Dining Room

Abeno Too

Abeno Too is a Japanese Restaurant located next to the Covent Garden Seven Dials.

Atelier de Joel Robuchon

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon located on West Street is one of the top tables in London winner of multiple awards.


Carluccio’s situated on the renowned Garrick Street, near the Covent Garden  Piazza, is an Italian store, bar and café over two floors.

Chez Gerard

Chez Gerard is a traditional French Dining serving a wide variety of authentic French dishes including their famous steak-frites for over thirty years.


Situated just off Cambridge Circus opposite the Palace Theatre (117 Shaftesbury), Incognico in the heart of the theatre land is an outstanding restaurant ideal for dining before or after your show.  The restaurant was designed by David Collins.


The Ivy, situated on West Street in the heart of the West End is another famous London Table and is perfect for pre or post theatre dining as well as for lunch.

J Sheeky

J Sheekey is well known Fish and Sea Food Restaurant on St Martin’s Court.

Mon Plaisir

Mon Plaisir offers a wide array of French cuisine from traditional to more modern.

Neal’s Yard Salad Bar

Neal’s Yard Salad Bar situated in the heart of very charming Neal’s Yard is a laid back café ideal for a lunch stop or just for coffee.   It is a well known address in Covent Garden, opened since 1982.

Rock and Sole Plaice

Rock and Sole Plaice is a famous fish Restaurant on Endell Street, serving one of the best fish and chips in the West End.


Rules is said to be the oldest restaurant in London established in 1798.  It servers traditional English food and  specialise in classic game cookery, oysters, pies and puddings.


The Orso restaurant situated on Wellington Street offers a quality Italian cuisine with a good pre theatre menu.

World Food Cafe, Neal’s Yard Dining Room

The World Food Cafe situated inside beautiful Neal’s Yard is a nice vegetarian restaurant offering everything from African Platters to Mexican nachos with refried beans.

Covent Garden top pubs, cafe and clubs

  1. Canela
  2. Freuds
  3. Gordon’s Wine Bar
  4. Lamb & Flag
  5. Lowlander
  6. Mommouth Coffee Company
  7. Porterhouse
  8. Royal Opera House Cafe


The Canela is a nice Portuguese coffee shop on Earlham street in the heart of Covent Garden.  Its name can be translated to cinnamon and offers indeed a variety of delicious sweats.


Freuds is a well know cafe and cocktail bar in Covent Garden famous for displaying various artwork.  It is said to be the first café-bar in England when opened in 1986.

Gordon’s Wine Bar

The Gordon’s Wine Bar located on Villiers Street near Embankment and the Thames river is considered one of the oldest wine bar in London.

Lamb and Flag

The Lamb and Flag is one of London’s oldest pub and is an ideal place to enjoy a nice pint in the heart of Covent Garden.


The Lowlander is a cafe and restaurant on Covent Garden’s famous Drury Lane ideal for coffee, drinks, lunch or dinner.

Mommouth Coffee Company

The Mommouth Coffee Company situated on the street of the same name is famous for its Coffee which is only bought from single farms, estates and cooperatives.


The Porterhouse is nice pub on Maiden Lane offering a wide variety of beers, a terrace and live music in the evening.

Royal Opera House Cafe

The Royal Opera House Cafe is a beautiful restaurant offering a varied menu and a view on the piazza.

Covent Garden Top Theatres

  1. Adelphi Theatre
  2. Aldwych Theatre
  3. Cambridge Theatre
  4. Donmar Warehouse
  5. Duchess Theatre
  6. Duke of York’s Theatre
  7. Fortune Theatre
  8. London Coliseum
  9. Lyceum Theatre
  10. New London Theatre
  11. Novello Theatre
  12. Royal Opera House
  13. Savoy Theatre
  14. Shaftesbury Theatre
  15. St Martin’s Theatre
  16. Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Adelphi Theatre

The Adelphi Theatre is a well know West End Theatre situated on the Strand in the Southern part of Coven Garden.  The theatre specialise in comedy and musicals and shows a variety of productions.

Aldwych Theatre

The Aldwych Theatre situated on the street of the same name is a well known west end theatre, listed Grade II since 1971.  It has a capacity of 1,200 and it currently showing Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage.

Cambridge Theatre

The Cambridge Theatre is situated on one of the Corner of the famous Seven Dials in West Covent Garden and is currently home to the world known Chicago musical.

Donmar Warehouse

The Donmar Warehouse is a small not-for-profit theatre situated on one of the corner of the Seven Dials intersection (41 Earlham Street) in the heart of Covent Garden.  The venue has a capacity of 251 and offers various productions.

Duchess Theatre

The Duchess Theatre is one of the West End’s smallest theatres with only 479 seats split on two levels.  It is located on Catherine street, near famous Aldwych and is currently home to Sign of the Times. The theatre first opened in 1929.

Duke of York’s Theatre

The Duke of York’s Theatre situated on St Martin’s Lane, also know under its previous name Trafalgar Theatre is a well known venue in Covent Garden since 1892.  It has a capacity of 640 and the current show is Ghost Stories.

Fortune Theatre

The Fortune located on Russell Street is a theatre built in 1922 and said to be the first one to be built in London after the end of World War I.  The Fortune Theatre has a capacity of 432 seat and currently is home to The Woman in Black.

Lyceum Theatre

The Lyceum Theatre on Wellington Street is one of the West End’s largest theatres. The first venue on this location opened in 1765 but the current building with its unique design of balconies overhanging the circle dates back to 1834.  It has a capacity of 2100 and currently shows The Lion King.

New London Theatre

The New London Theatre formerly occupied by The Winter Garden Theatre is situated on the corner of the famous Drury Lane and Parker Street on the east side of Covent Garden.  It has a capacity of 2100 and is currently home to the War Horse show.

Novello Theatre

The Novello Theatre is a West End theatre situated on  Aldwych street and currently playing Betty Blue Eyes.

Savoy Theatre

The Savoy Theatre is located on the Strand next to the famous Hotel of the same and is currently home to Legally Blonde musical

Shaftesbury Theatre

The Shaftesbury Theatre is a famous West End Theatre located on Shaftesbury Avenue.  It is home to various productions including illusionists.

St Martin’s Theatre

The St Martin’s is a small theatre with a capacity of only 550, best known for playing Agatha Christie The Mousetrap , the world’s longest showing play, which first started in 1952.

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